When your kids need help with math, don’t procrastinate the issue!

Math is very important during the development stages of your kids’ intellects. As a consequence, whether they like it or not, especially when they are in kindergarten, it’s important to help them develop basic math skills and of course, if possible, to learn how to enjoy math not only as a way to solve problems but as a joyful activity outside classroom. As a consequence, in case they need help with math, you should never neglect this issue but instead try to solve it as soon as possible.

Simple ways to help your kids enjoy math

There are many ways you can help your kids be better at math and enjoy it as well. However, it is best if you start in early childhood, even in the preschool stage of their development. Below, there are some easy steps to help you build their affinity to math:

  • Let them play with blocks, help them build new things out of toy blocks and share their creative enthusiasm.
  • Buy them mechanical puzzles, a Rubik cube or any other toy that may allow them to fit, rotate, and calculate positions for different objects. It may help them better orientate in the three-dimensional space and develop calculus skills as well.
  • Spend time teaching them the numbers and exercise their new skills by counting different things available in the house.
  • When cooking, let the kids bring you three eggs, five potatoes, two spoons of sugar etc.
  • Buy magazines, books and toys that may help them develop math skills.
  • Cultivate the love for numbers and your kids will not need help with math anymore.

Help them overcome the fear of numbers

As humans, we are usually frightened by everything we don’t know. As a consequence, kids will fear the school or some specific classes when they are not prepared enough for those classes or they lack the skills or the knowledge they need in order to get good grades. If you stimulate the intellect early in childhood and teach the kids to overcome their fear of numbers and math, you will help them not only to perform better in school but also to perform better in life and be more prepared when they will have to deal with the everyday’s life issues, worries and problems. Cultivate their love for knowledge through games and make sure you have enough time every day to play with them.

Improve your kids’ math skills through chess

In case you kids still need help with math after all your efforts, stimulate their creativity and ability to solve problems through chess. More than a game, chess, similarly to math, requires problem solving skills and systematic planning. According to professional research studies, children who learned how to play chess also developed better problem solving skills and they are also better at math and all the other related school activities. Chess is a powerful educational tool and if you teach your kids how to play it early in their childhood, it may also help them later, when all the problems they will encounter in school will otherwise overwhelm them and even you, as a parent.

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